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Playing mss at cap tables

    • lynius
      Joined: 15.01.2011 Posts: 382
      Hey all, ill explain the situation. I've let my bankroll slip a bit too much and was thinking a good way to hold onto some form of good bankroll management would be to play the cap games at full tilt. They also seem to be quite fish infested.

      Alongside these two advantages, I also prefer the style and look of the mss basic charts - and with a summer coming up ahead of me, will be interested in studying more, however, will probably be reading a fair few bss articles and quizzes.

      With blinds .01/.02 cap - 0.60

      Do you think mss would work, and what adjustments do you think might need to be made? I'd think with the fishy players and effective stack size any fairly tight strategy would work on those tables. What do you guys think?
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    • Elroch
      Joined: 08.02.2011 Posts: 150
      You would be playing with an effective stack that would never be greater than 30bb (the absolute lower limit for the system) and would frequently find other players with smaller stacks. Maybe more important is that all other players would be playing with an effective stack of no more than 30bb so they wouldn't be playing big stack style.

      As I understand it, the MSS works best with a stack around 40bb when the table is dominated by much larger stacks. The reason is that then the other players need to optimise their play for the more numerous big stacks, and will not be optimal against you. They will be playing hands like suited connectors and small pairs more than you, but these hands will often not be able to win so much from you when they hit a big hand as from a deep stack.

      Bottom line: cap no limit tables are far from ideal, and you would really be relying on opposition being fishy rather than the system itself.

      What's wrong with playing MSS using the recommended buy-in of 40 bb on a non-capped table?

      I am sure my negative opinions are nothing to do with the fact that for some (or no) reason the cap no limits were my worst tables when I began (long before discovering :f_biggrin: Have not played them since.