How to keep control ?

    • Traxion2k
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      Ok i have started so many grinding projects with around 250 starting to play NL10Rush then after some days i start shoting at higher limits i usally goes well even though i know i shouldent do it. The thing that triggers it is when i start hiting a downswing. I usally get it up to 1890$ then i loose it all it has happend two times.

      And i just startet a new grinding project with 50$ i managed to get it up to 100$ playing 1$ SnG and and NL5 Rush with 2$ on the table. But then 10min ago i started loosing and i lost it down to 80$. I went on some kind of tilt and went to play NL100Rush with the 80$ i dobbeled up but still i wonder if anyone has some tips on how to not shot on higher limits. Im such a donk sometimes......

      I also just started a blog on my progress Here

      Thanks for all the answears and please dont flame me im aware of my own faults just need tips.
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    • Bliausmas
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      No tips, but I know what you mean from my very own experience. When it appears that your biggest enemy is yourself. Well, pretty fucked up situation.
    • MikeF
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      i mostly try to really focus on playing very basic ABC Poker until my mood gets in line again

      if that doesn't help only thing to control urself is mostly take a break ;)
    • Wriggers
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      Shut down the tables until you stop tilting :) It's one of the worst forms of tilt, when you shoot at higher limits in a bad state of mind.
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      This is a very central issue among many pokerplayers. Many will argue that keeping emotions in schack and not tilting is where the real skill is in poker. I am not one to argue against that.

      Have you taken a look at this thread?

      +++Q&A with Jared Tendler!!+++

      It's a really excellent thread and I can assure you you will not regret reading through it. It has helped me see things clearer aswell.

      Good luck!

      Kind regards,