[Application] Probably worst stake application ever

    • zilltine
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Staking Feedback: zilltine - Feedback

      Hi there, i want to gamble on HuSnG $10 on some platform which i can track to PS.com. My roll is stuck at ftp.

      Why i need stake?

      I want to gamble.


      Lol, have one. Played micro Hu sng long time ago. Stars

      zillas33 264 $0.3 $3 20% $89

      Why should you stake me?

      a) You are stupid.
      b) a.
      c) You are a gambling addict and want a horse to gamble on.
      d) Combination of all above.
      Staking conditions?

      I need full stake of $500
      I will play 400 games
      You will get stake back + 2/3 Profit

      Who can Vouch for me?

      Your Mom.

      Is this a joke?

      No. Just most of it.

      Contact me via Pokerstrategy community system if you are interested(stupid).
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    • IIJonasII
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      Off topic:
      I owe you some money that i win with your stake, never see you on skype and i write you pm here.

      For reference i play for him few tournaments on stake. Scamers dont stake other people so he must be legit :)
    • zilltine
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      Off topic: my PC were attacked by some fucked up viruses. Still cant fix some programs, including skype. U can ship me stake back, stake back + 50% profits for already played MTTs or freeroll rest of them and then ship profits. You can also gamble w/e u like with these $ and ship me profit ?(
    • IIJonasII
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      Cannot send you, i need your nick and email :) check your messeges.
    • stevegold87
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      The last thing this forum needs is more lost of credibility. We had to deal with a lot of scams lately and your post is not helping at all to make this Staking place a better forum.

      Remember, humor shouldn't be used in business if you want people to believe you.

      Also you are basically insulting members that could potentially stake you, what are you trying to achieve here? I am very confused about you and asking money to people while insulting them.
    • blackaces82
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      ffffuuuuuu ..... u
    • thazar
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      Hi zilltine

      Staking is indeed a business matter and although one can do it with a smile there is no room for making a joke it. I am therefore closing this thread. I trust you understand.

      If you are serious about a staking request, create a new one with no jokes in it or else it will be closed as well

      Best regards