• dw00d
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      hey everyone

      im thinking about depositing at pkr and giving it a whirl. not a huge deposit so i will be playing nl4 at most.

      how are you guys finding this site? from looking through the lobby right now it seems that there are a lot more sh cash tables than fr. is it like this most of the time? i havent had a lot of experience with sh but maybe this site could be a good place to start?

      anyone had success with grinding through the micros? many regs/nits?

      and finally :P the only hud or tracker that really works is poker office?

      thanks for your time in responding to this short story :)
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    • thazar
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      Hi dw00d

      I play occasionally on micro @ PKR and it is extremely fishy. 6 max yes is busier than FR at micros at least. from experience especially at NL4 there are so many maniac that you need to tighten your game a lot.

      @HUD: I have tried PokerOfficer and found it very basic to say the least IMO it is not worth it just take some notes, but by any means download the trial version and test it or yourself.

      Best of luck


    • dw00d
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      thanks for the reply :-)

      playing with the bss shc and orc should be an ok kick start? would be a pretty tight game i guess :D

      i did a bit of searching around and it seems that hem and pt3 are possible but you need a hand converter to be able to import pkr hand history. around $20+
      has anyone had any success with this?

      just waiting on my full tilt withdrawal to come through so i can get started... any moment now :f_confused:
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      hand converter to be able to import pkr hand history.

      holdem manager can import PKR hands, just update to latest HEM version. Because from time to time it stops working, pkr probably changes the format of HH or something.

      I like this room a lot, the NL25 players are like NL4 players :) but the problem is the suckout so much , that I cannot start play nl25, save some money playing NL10 then go to nl25 and the sucking out starts :D then down again to NL10