[Application] 50 buyins stake for 400 games 6 max superturbos (cancelled)

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

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      350 on $5.30s and the rest on $10.50s

      Hey. My username is Leito909 on fulltilt and I am playing the 6max superturbos.

      I first won about $1K on 9max touneys but then I moved to 6max and had good results on the $10.50 6 max tourneys
      I have tested the waters on the $20s and it's very similar to the $10 with many 1 tabling fishes but was welcomed to the new limit with 30BIs below EV in 120 so now I dont enough BR to play on the $20s

      So I decided that I want to play the $20s staked for 400
      This will take less than a week

      Now i realise I can't just ask for 400 buyins which would be over $8000 as its my first staking deal

      So I decided to ask for a stake of 50 buyins which will usually be enough to withstand the crazy super turbo swings

      I will split profits 50/50 (excluding rakeback) which may not seem much but since I will play 400 games with 50 buyins stake, the stakers would still get 4x my achieved ROI of my games

      So stakers can buy from as little as 1% of my stake which will cost $10

      Transfers to Leito909 (FT) or Leito909 on pokerstars (preffered option)

      If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
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