[NL2-NL10] NL10 Overcards and flushdraw

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      Sorry about the format. Was playing on UB and I can't find a converter that works there.

      Should I just call the check-raise and see the turn?

      ipol42469 is at seat 5 with $4.75.
      The Good Dane is at seat 7 with $9.89.

      peterpara1 posts the small blind of $.05.
      lmlom posts the big blind of $.10.

      The Good Dane: Ah Js


      biftt folds. MichMan folds. evilhand13 folds.
      Rich_Janitor folds. w1llyy folds. ipol42469 calls.
      zrk folds. The Good Dane raises to $.50.
      peterpara1 folds. lmlom folds. ipol42469 calls.

      Flop (board: Th 6h 3h):

      ipol42469 checks. The Good Dane bets $.70.
      ipol42469 raises to $1.40. The Good Dane re-raises to
      $8.20. ipol42469 goes all-in for $4.25. The Good
      Dane is returned $3.95 (uncalled).

      Turn (board: Th 6h 3h 9d):

      (no action in this round)

      River (board: Th 6h 3h 9d Ks):

      (no action in this round)
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