6,6 on Pokerstars

    • rosta1972
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      Hi, i am playing poker about 3 years , to this time just on PS. I would like to ask you....

      In 3 tournaments from my last seven i had amazing story:

      AA x 66 in 162 usd tourn, 6max 30 usd KK x 66 and 11nlh 20K Guar. postfolp my cards T9 (flop J39) ..me all in , oponent call with 66....in every situation was coming 6 ON THE RIVER...

      I can understand badbeats, i can understand to lose 10 times with better cards against worst cards, but 3 times from 7 against same cards (6,6) and 6 is coming for a river (no flop, no turn) .

      someone have same experience?

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