Feedback for Becky1464

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    • tomzyb
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      Hey all, so the deal was prematurely ended on my request, not by Becky's falut but for my personal reasons, which i am gratefull she understood.

      Anyway, she returned all the money and is trusthworty + allso offers good comunication during a stake period. I am allso positive she's a winning player on NL5 longrun and i believe she will allso improve her game even more.

      So if she offers to be staked again, i am sure it would be + EV to invest, acourse you can't expect tons of money as it is mico limits, but investment is small aswell ;)
    • Wriggers
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      Our deal has just ended. Becky was nice a prompt with all updates requested and is a good player :) Ran at 20bb/100 over the 50k hands so not too bad at all :D

      Would recommend anyone to stake her given the chance :D