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Micros MTsng grinder blog

    • Krist2ps
      Joined: 03.03.2011 Posts: 126

      Hello everyone!

      I'll start my second blog, because first one didnt work out kind of :) I just turned 22, have no job, so I will try to make living with poker. It's my dream for some time now, but never really believed it could happen. But then I started to read forums, blogs and realised that it's is possible, just have to work hard. :)

      First time I played poker about six years ago, and until now only freerolls at many sites. Then two months ago I found 80cents on Stars & turned them into 200$ish in about month, but with some problems (unemployed as I mentioned) had to cash out and left only 16$ on FTP. Now in two days I have turned them into 48$ playing 45players MTT SNG with 1.1$ buy-in, not bad, eh? :) Here is graph:

      Uploaded with

      Tourneys: 37
      ROI: 102%
      Current BR: 48.58$

      My goals for month:
      :diamond: Play 400 tourneys
      :diamond: Reach 300$ BR
      :diamond: Play basketball at least 4 times per week.

      Lets say, my poker month started at June 13th.

      Maybe there is someone like me and want to discuss poker on skype or here or .... ? :)

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      Great song for grinding, helps against tilting :)

      Thats all, thanks for reading,
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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Hi Krist2ps,

      Big welcome to our blog section! =)

      This :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:

      Good luck and looking forward to follow you on the forum!

    • Krist2ps
      Joined: 03.03.2011 Posts: 126
      Time for todays update!

      Played only 13 tournaments (FTP 45players with buy-in 1.1$), and yesterday didnt played at all. And again, had some nice graph here :)

      Today finished 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and one bubble. Could be better, some small bad beats.

      Tourneys: 51
      ROI: 106.7%
      Current BR: 66.85$

      Running good :f_cool:
    • Krist2ps
      Joined: 03.03.2011 Posts: 126
      Almost forgot, this video made my day :D

      Donkey against donkey :f_biggrin: