$50 Capital up to $240

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      Hi Guys and Pokerstrategy,

      first off I'd like to say thankyou for the $50!

      second my progress:

      1. I have been sticking to 2nl on partypoker. My screen name is O_Pareidolia. I am currently losing 118bb/100..... lol.

      2. I used to play a lot on Full Tilt, and have so far lost 6k of my own money playing HU 50nl. however, I found that I can short stack, and play anonymous tables on Party Poker, and have found some huge fish. I played with $10 twice and won $40 and $200 respectively on the HU. It was good variance as well I must admit, hitting sets, top pair with better kickers against his kickers etc... only 388 hands and 118bb/100 profit. So a lot of good luck.

      I feel my leaks are these:
      1. when I get bored, I make mistakes. Huge mistakes. Get tilty, you name it.
      2. Not sticking with the starting hand chart that Pokerstrategy provided. when i was, i was slowing making a profit. THis is my vent before I go back and I try to stick with a winning strategy.
      3. I know that the 50nl is a tilty, gambling move, and I really dont want to do it. I want to learn to crush 2nl, and move up, but I have a lot of gamble in me, which hurts my BR.

      what i need help with:
      1. I find on 2nl that EVERYONE (well nearly) love to raise preflop with AJ+ and 88+. And they ALWAYS cbet no matter what the hell flop it is. So far, I have been 3 betting postflop nearly every pot I feel that player is not a very good player. Most times they fold. Does anyone know if this is +EV? or should I be more selective to 3bet the flop? most times im in position and will not 3bet with a hand with 0 equity. However, I get called by AA and sets sometimes, while getting shoved on sometimes. Sometimes I call with top pair, and I think maybe half have it, or Half get married to the hand and cant lay it down.

      2. What threads are there on this site that I can read about beating 2nl?

      Im sorry, im pretty tired, so I know ive definately rambled!!!!

      Thanks for the help you guys, and if you have played me and want to leave criticism, ANYTHING postive or negative is much appreciated!!!

      thanks guys!
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