Adjustments vs Multi tablers?

    • muel294
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      Hi All

      was playing NL50 SH recently and noticed a player at my table was playing 12 tables.

      Just wondering what adjustments we should make to exploit this?

      When facing a late position or BU steal should i just play 3bet fold with a much wider range and punish him or should i only pick value hands that i would like to play 3bet broke with since he might be more likely to be playing like a nit?

      only have 71 hands on him so far 21/11/-/- so far?
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    • Wriggers
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      Against mass multitablers I tend to just do the same things to them over and over again, as they just don't notice it. For example, if their fold to steal stat is like 90% I won't hesitate to steal from them at every possible opportunity because I know he won't be adjusting to my relentless steals. It's the same with facing a steal, i'll usually 3bet them a lot if they try to steal, as they're likely autopiloting.

      I'll also transfer this to postflop as well, I won't worry about continually Cbetting against them, as again, they won't be adjusting to the table dynamics.
    • sapheal
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      hi muel294 :) ,

      Adjusting to multitablers relies on the fact that those players can't truly focus on the table dynamics and therefore need to play more ABC generic TAG strategy. This means that they are less likely to remember hand history nor play back at you without the actual equity.

      The exploitation inolves making less hero calls and making more semibluffs and bluffs in good spots in general. However, please, don't overuse it. Remember- if somebody is a multitabler, he is at least a slightly winning player and often he is a very good player.