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I have been playing around in these two stakes primarily across Pokerstars for 2 months now and I was wondering if I am the only one feeling uncomfortable in lower stakes. Generally, I should have felt more comfortable in PLO10 not risking any bankroll, but somehow mentally I could not adjust myself to playing it like the PLO25. That said, I am not saying I played the latter better (being a total fish that I am), but I feel like my ideas stood more chance in PLO25 than in PLO10, hence I induced a little bit more profit there.

Does anybody notice any differences between these two apart from the potential profit/loss, BRM and regulars? Should I consult a psychologist to try and limit myself to a lower stakes until I feel I get better in the game?

Also, I am kind of interested in how I should approach the game itself. At first I primarily floated my way down in the a great minus, then bit by bit, rakeback after rakeback, I got myself some profit, but not due to decent gameplay. I would see a lot of different players in PLO25: nitty regulars, gamblers, aggressive regulars, uberaggressive people. Having watched a few videos, I started adding some aggression factor preflop, but I still could not convince myself to go allin preflop with medium hands. Postflop, I would play aggressively depending on if there was a made hand for me on the board, but I would still play the gambling game upon the river card: shove with a made straight (win 33% less than intentional), shove with 14-16 outs with a medium strength combo to improve, etc. Also, more often than not, I would try to trap my opponents if the only thing beating my hand was a full house upon the next street. Knowing that my play is bad and rather fruitless and seeing how the info is rather obscure on-site (apart from the principles in the articles), I am interested in knowing more from keen PLO players on the site.