Non-sd winnings too high, Leaks?

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    • Wurble
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      I'm pretty tired so have not looked deep into your stats but a quick note on your sd\non sd winnings. These two things are correlated in that you can't have one without the other being negatively affected. If you have a strong sd line like most winning regs you find a losing non sd line or at best break even and vice versa.

      Provided your overall win rate is good then anything is fine, your style as a player determines where you make the most money from either sd or non sd. My win rate is ok (loads of room to improve) but all of my winnings are at sd, my non sd sucks big time so this is where my leaks lie more than likely. In your case both lines are positive so your overall game is likely very solid... I'm sure you probably have leaks, hence why you're not crushing Durrr every weekend but for a small stakes reg I guess you're doing very well.
    • partane
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      I agree with you.

      I think this are the biggest leaks at the moment:

      * Floating too much.

      - Should float less when have air/ I'm out of position / when villain is not check/folding turn enought. I have noticed that couple times I have made decicion that I should float flop, but noticed at the turn that villain bets two barrel too often.

      So instead of folding I have either:

      - double float to cover my losses

      - raised turn

      Floating OOP is also a leak, I am not even sure can it be profitable without strong draw (8 outs at least).

      * Openraise too much in SB.

      - Noticed that many winning players have VPIP in the SB something like 21% - 22%. I have 25.4/21.6 stats in SB. Also noticed that my AF is 6.1 when OR from SB so thats probably a major leak. Basically I raise lot of drags from SB and 2-barrel or 3-barrel bluff because many regulars call SB vs BB very light and float almost every flop. My flop C-bet is 85% and Flop C-bet success 38,3% when opened SB.

      * Less 4-bet/ 5-bet bluffs and less 3-bet calls with QQ+ AK.

      - I have noticed that I 4-bet-bluff a lot (19%) and often expect that regulars 3-bet/4-bet bluff as often as I do. So I also call 3-bet too often with value 4-bet range QQ+ AK. This is probably also because I expect them to 3-bet bluff, c-bet and second barrel a lot. Most of the times it would be just easier to 4-bet.

      Also I would note:

      - C-bet % (76,1%)

      - Turn C-bet (50,7%)

      - WTSD (28%)

      -SB re-raise steal (14,8%) <--- noticed earlier when it was 15,9%. I have done less 3-betting in the SB and more from the BU. BU 3-bet was only 6 - 7% when noticed.
    • Leatherass9
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      The bottom line here is that you are putting your opponents in tough spots AND you are able to have a healthy win rate at the same time. While I would agree that it is always important to be doing everything in your power to improve, there is also an element of "if it ain't broke don't fix it." I wouldn't do anything too dramatic here, but if you can find a leak or two that can help you win even more, then more power to ya!
    • sapheal
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      hi partane :) :club: ,

      I agree with your notes here. I think your cbet/turn cbet is the biggest problem, but it results from improper estimation of the fold equity. Your WTSD doesn't look like a leak now given your strategy (at least, not something you can easily improve 'by not calling as much').

      Your 4bet range makes other less likely to 3bet you without the actual hand and when they do so, they need to play OOP as often as in position whereas most 3bet bluffs come IP. Ofc, you can decrease 4bet slightly, but as Leatherass9 said before, no need to be too hasty and dramatic. All small changes must be applied with the understanding with all of the consequences.

      Floating too much is imo to general to consider. I think you should divide floats into categories and then apply filters to verify the quality of the floats.