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      Hi there! I'm a 24yo player from Italy, and I've just started taking poker seriously.

      I just made gold status (yay! :) ) and realized I'd never introduced myself. Even though I know the Italian community on this site is very good, I mostly hang around the English one because I think it's even better.

      I've experimented with cash games (including rush poker), and I've decided that I prefer one-table SNGs and the occasional MTT, where I seem to do quite good over a small sample. I'm going to be using a very conservative BRM, 100BI even for 1euro SNG, because right now I'm not good at handling losses (and right now I'm almost 20BI below EV).

      I also received a free bankroll at betsharks, and grinded the $25 up to $250 on the cash games, but the betsharks support is making it really hard for me to withdraw $150 of that money even though I've cleared the bonus. X(

      Right now I 4-table 1 euro SNGs at partypoker.it. I used to be smug and think I could use only a 20BI rule because I was crushing that level, but a downswing made me stop playing poker completely for several months. Then I came back, re-read the articles and it feels good to be in the game with what I perceive as a HUGE edge. Unfortunately I'm still well below EV, but using the 100BI rule it takes a lot more to make me feel on tilt. My BR used to be around 125 euro but it's down to 80.

      The next level is 3euro sng, so since I don't want to wait until I get to a 300euro BR to play it, I will start adding one table of 3euros provided that the average buy-in between my four tables is less than 1% of my BR (or, in other words, that I never have more than 4% of my BR on the table at any point in time).

      That's all, more or less. I'm on other sites as well, so, hopefully, see you at the tables :)
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      Ciaoooooooo outspan,

      Let me Welcome you to the English community officially then and congrats on your Gold status! (I didn't find the gold color sorry :D )

      Using the right BRM is probably a good decision... give us some graphs and update on your progress!

      Looking forward to follow you on the forum!