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      Originally posted by degnic
      Even if you can beat the limit, you can't beat the variance which is why you need proper bankroll management. Every player suffers downswing(s) eventually no matter how good they are and with bad bankroll management a downswing usually means going broke and losing all your money.
      Just wanted to say thanks, I registered today, and am waiting for my bonus. Even if I dont get it, at least I start to understand where my problem is...
      I played poker for quite a while now and the latest good result was to start with $10 on P.stars and to make about 4k in less than 10 days... then I lost it all :) . is not the first time and at some point I was up to 20 k. Of course in the end I lost it all.
      Never crossed my mind the min. of 300 bb recommended by PS.
      I just couldnt understand where the problem is ...tx.
      I guess I need to learn more
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      A warm welcome to you from PokerStrategy!

      Even if you can turn it to 100000k, but then lose all, it makes no sense. At PokerStrategy, we help you to stop this thing ;)

      I hope you'll learn a lot and improve your game with us.

      Best regards,