11 bi down in 4 days

    • Sinnology
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      Damn, I am frustrated,angry, disappoint and have nowhere to go.
      Just feel like I want to cry.
      Finally I started to move up and motherfucker came again.
      Second time in 25k hands.
      Doesnt matter what I dot, they always or have better or suck outl, or I have to fold to 4 suited board...
      I feel like on being on black list ofthe poker house. Or like 2pac would say its me against the world.

      I feel like trapped.
      I cant quit poker, but at same time am in almost hopeless situation...
      It feels like am doomed...
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    • joeldowey123
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      im just starting to come out of my second one in about 25K hands, my last one was but my last one was about 22BI - i lost the plot (14BI in one day) but this is where Stop loss limits come into play - I didnt have one before ( i do now)

      I know EXACTLY how you are feeling - its a shit place to be - but take a day off from PLAYING poker and just study, read an article on tilt, watch a vid, post some hands etc

      it will pass if you just control your mindset. if you need to, take a whole day away from poker - go see some friends, see a movie, go to the gym, git a punch bag lol

      whatever it takes to come back to the tables fresh
    • fuzzyfish
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      There's three things you have to do to overcome this:

      1. Work on your game
      2. Put in some volume
      3. Stop listening to rap music
    • JuiceQuadre
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      Wow =) we have rly similar graphs for last 11k hands.. but my graph goes up 1k and down 1k.. =) with EV staying at +1k it hurts.. =)

      But 11BI swing isnt that unussual mate. You need to get used to this =) .

      I know it hurts.. =) But what can you do..
    • luizsilveira
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      I hear ya.

      My graph is exactly like yours. After a month beginning where I was 15BI up I just lost 10 of them in the last couple of days. And it put me 4BI below EV as well.

      Just like you said, there is nothing that I have that they don't have a bit better, no matter what I do.

      And I'm counting: I lost 6 flips in a row already. Plus two times with QQ getting in pre-flop, one vs. AJo and other vs. 66. Go figure, math is crazy.
    • hansbans
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      I feel your pain dude :) I've been trying to move up to NL10 two or three times now..

      Here's my NL4 graph:

      By hasuhans at 2011-06-18

      And here are my NL10 attempts:
      (Mostly running bad, but off course some losses due to tilt)

      By hasuhans at 2011-06-18

      In response to this I read "The poker mindset", it really helps you to not lose the edge of your game during these periods wich imo is the number one key to have some poker success.
    • weedo25
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      i am happy when its just 11bi in week, it is standard fluctuation for me. :f_grin:
      The most important thing is to stay positive and review your bad session and consult someone (PS forum rulzz), becaouse you are not objective to your game.