[NL2-NL10] KK when the board pairs

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      Hi all,

      I posted this in the SSS section and was advised to post here. Please see below...

      This is my first post so please excuse any slip ups. I don't have pokertracker and I play on titan so getting my hands converted is proving difficult. If anyone has any advice in this regard, it would be most welcome. The hand I would appreciate comments on is as follows:

      blinds : $0.05/$0.10
      SB: $5
      BB: $8
      UTG: $16
      UTG+1: $8
      CO: $15
      BUTTON (Hero): $9.85

      Dealer: Your cards Kc Kh
      (there are 2 folds and 1 limper, Hero at button raises $0.50 as per standard instruction. BB coldcalls, limper folds)

      Pot Preflop: $1.15
      Dealer: Dealing Flop
      6s Qd 8h

      BB checks, Hero bets $0.80. BB calls. <=== I have an over pair and cbet 99.9% of the time I raise preflop. I play this flop the same.

      Pot Preturn: $2.75
      Dealer: Dealing Turn
      6s Qd 8h Qh

      BB checks, Hero checks behind. <=== This card is not ideal. BB cold calls my flop bet which could indicate him holding : AA (though not likely, judging from preflop action), Q9, QT, QJ, QK or AQ. I check behind because if I get check/raised here I think I will eventually have to fold.

      Pot Preriver: $2.75
      Dealer: Dealing River
      6s Qd 8h Qh 5d

      BB bets $1.50 Hero calls $1.50 <=== this is an odd call based on what I said above on why I checked the turn. But I figured that since I checked the turn behind, I've invited him to make a bluff at the pot. So basically I think he makes this raise because I checked and not because he has me beat. And since the river card is not a danger card, I feel I have to call.

      Dealer: Hero shows Two Pair
      Kc Kh Qh Qd
      Dealer: BB shows One Pair
      Ac Ks Qh Qd
      Hero wins $5.47

      This time around I was right and the Villain was making a play at the pot. But the more I think about it the more I realise that if I was in his position and I had a Qx hand, I would play exactly as he had from the turn on.

      Could I get some comments/critisisms of my play and perhaps some pointers on how I should approach this sort of situation in the future? Thanks!
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