Bankrupter needs coaching

    • Noy2222
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      Believe it or not, but "here today, gone tomorrow" is quite an accurate cliche.
      Whithin a month and a bit, despite my best efforts, my entire bankroll has vanished.
      I don't think it had gone in vain, as I do think I've 60% mastered the game, and with just a little bit of a push, I may just be able to win more than I lose.
      Ever determined to earn spare change without spedning a penny, I've lately resorted into playing freerolls, every now and then managing to place, and earn myself shiny pennies.
      Few mins ago, I thought to myself, "Self, freerolls are also a way to learn how to play. Why won't you ask someone to give you some coaching through several freeroll tourneys?".
      As I couldn't think of a reason not to, I'm here, asking for help.
      If anyone is willing to give me this little tiny push towards mediocrity, I would really appreciate it.
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