My first 1.5k hands with the SSS

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      So I've been playing more or less the SSS (I was varying it at first but now I'm sticking to it 99%) on NL10 (0.05/0.10). I know it's a small sample but I've been playing few hands per day since I'm studying for an exam, and I'm sitting at the same table for only around 50 hands average since I usually double up or loose everything in that amount of hands.

      So my result after 1624 hands:

      1624 hands played - 208.13$ bought / 225.77$ cashed out from the tables

      so 17.64$ profit or 176.4BB/1624 or

      10.86BB/100 hands

      There were some tilting episodes that haven't happened since 2 weeks ago where I was trying to get the money back and didn't follow the SHC at the same table resulting in 2-3 stacks lost.

      I'll post more on this weekend when I'll grind 2-3k hands more (it's really hard to get a high hand count with SSS when you constantly leave tables).
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