I hate this WH

    • NikolaB85
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      first of all no matter how much i hate this poker software i am still making profit.
      In one week i double up mu starting capital and now i have 100$.
      But the thing is that i should have at least 250$ till now,but... always some looser will call my AA or KK with stupid hand like A 6 off suited where 6 is :club: and he will hit 4 more :club: and he get's a flush and beats my 6-7e profit so i say ok,i am not tilted i even laugh at that hand. I say to my self if he is a donk and go all in with this kind of cards i will get him,but...

      next hand i have 33 and he has 9 10 and the flop come's with 3 J K rainbow and i think to my self this is the hand i have him 100% and he keeps raising and reraising me so i go all in he calls and guess what river comes with Q and he make straight and laugh at me calling me a fish and leave the table. I lost 17 euros in two hands against a donk.

      i really hope that my credit card will be ready next week and i cash out my money and transfer to another poker software...
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    • martoman2k10
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      in b4 brm
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      I fail to see how this is a software issue, tbh. Sorry about your bad beat, but the software didn't do it to you. That's like blaming the coin when it comes up tails when you called heads.
    • lynius
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      Originally posted by martoman2k10
      in b4 brm

      Guess I better explain.

      If you don't have 25 buy ins for a limit don't play it.


      $50 - 2NL
      $125 - 5NL
      $250 - 10NL
      $625 - 25NL
    • weedo25
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      I hate WH because softwear is terrible, it is only softwear that is lagging (i played on FTP, PP, PS, lock, everest), blue background is so annoying(is it changeable??), filter for tables is inaccurate, brutal rake on microstakes, Vip scheme isnt good at all for microstakes.

      But jucy games covers it all, sure i am 20bi below ev but still is profitable, omaha tables are gold, but still i have truble playing Nl 4 maybe it is psychological, but then i play NL10 on Party so ?( ?(
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      sometimes I wish I was a busto life would be so much more simple
    • NikolaB85
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      software lags and loads everything like forever and not to mention that u can't play more then 4 tables at the same time,btw i got my money back from that donk xDDD waited on the same table playing my session and he comes back with the same amount of money and he was reraising everything.

      had KK and he had AQ all in before the flop comes dawn,he didn't hit ace and that's it xDDD

      btw i will cash out my money,no matter what i really hate this WH
    • JuiceQuadre
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      ipoker sux :D