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    • LoKKK
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      hey peoples ,
      took me about a week playing sites i dont like playing on ( i was already with ma fav sites b4 pokerstarategy came along) so i was wondering is there any other way i can get to gold apart from playing these teribble sites lol, thaty yous lot blackmailed me into signiong with :P
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    • Xantos
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      Hey LoKKK,

      to become a Gold member, you need 500 points in a month.

      To earn points, you currently have to play poker - but there's differences in how fast you earn them.

      The easiest is probably William Hill.

      For you first deposit there, you get up to 300 points (1 per $ depisuted).

      If you play 20 days a month at William Hill, you get:
      - 5 points for every $1 of rake
      - 10 bonus points for every day you have at least 1 point

      -> depositing $100 for 100 points, 20x10 bonus points.
      -> just 200 points to be gathered by plaiyng, equaling $40 of rake.

      We will also add a points shop in a few months - buying 500 points a month for Gold will thus be possible, then.

    • LoKKK
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      ok thanx ill bare that in mind :)