[NL2-NL10] NL10 - KK 2nd pair

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      I don't have access to a poker hand convertor right now but this is a really easy to explain situation.

      All 3 players including me had a big stack (10$)

      I'm dealt KK.

      I'm in mid position, One player in EP raised to 30c and another called before my turn so I raised to 1.50$, they both called.

      Flop was A X X rainbow.

      I was in position and they both checked to me and I checked behind.

      Turn brought 10 or something inconsequential and the original raiser bet out 4 $ (the pot was about 4$). The guy in between us folded and it was my turn.

      I folded.

      I'm pretty sure it was a mistake to check behind on the flop, Should I always conti bet in these situations? If so should I then c/f the turn?

      I just had this gut feeling that one of them held an ace and I was behind.
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