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      o'k i joined this site for the frre bankroll i have been playing poker for around 6 years online and up to now i thought i was good as every now and again i would make a cash but since reading the articles and strategey's and stickin to them i have been so consistent i increased my bankroll from $$50 to $1580 and i have just won a sattelite seat to the 200k people alway's talked about strategey's and i never listened thank's poker strategey so many good tips on here as to how to play the game love it :) :spade: :s_biggrin:
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      Hey giveitalash.

      This is great to hear, awesome results!

      Do you play on a tracked account? If not you could be missing the chance to improve your results even more, when playing on a tracked account the more you play the higher your status and the more content you unlock its all here waiting for you.

      Hope you continue to improve, what game do you play btw is it NLHE? what stakes are you playing and what site?

      Good luck continuing to increase your BR,