party poker timer issue

    • dragan2171
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      Has anyone experienced the following scenario on Party, and what did you do about it?

      You are at a table. Instead of a normal paced timer to act the it starts you out at 20 seconds immediately. You act. Then, you notice it happening to other players. Next time it comes to you, it starts you at
      18 seconds immediately. Next time, 16 seconds. You see it happening toother players as well. The timer gets shorter and shorter until it starts you at 3 seconds, you don't act in time, and it freezes you out of the game. You cannot use "I am back" because when you do it will not give you an opportunity to post. When you chat, the other players do not know what you're talking about. So, you leave the table.

      (I copied this from internet forum, cos exactly explain problem I have)
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