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    • rusty25
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      hi i've just joined ps because i saw the advert on a poker tv station,i passed the quizz to get my free $50 bankroll,but after reading threads on the forum it seems they are trying eveything they can in order not to give u your free bankroll.they said they were confirming my id which was fine,then they are now asking me for proof of address and a photo of my id,but i do not have a scanner or the available software to download from my phone to the computer,i'm sure they have other ways of confirming who i am? then i find after you have done that and waited they then want a photo of u holding the id wtf! why ask for you to send them a pic of your id if you then have to send them another pic of you holdng the damm thing i haven't lied on my application to join this site so seems to much hassle for a little free money so don't think i'll bother!!
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