PT3 Slows my P.C down

    • Gunshow933
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      I play on PartyP and have recently began mutlitabling on MTTs up to between 9-12 tables at once. However, my p.c becomes extremely slow when PT3 is running with that many tables and I often get timed out.
      I have defraged the p.c + disk cleanup + regularly housekeep the PT3 database and whilst this has improved the situation, it remains unplayable beyond 4-5 tables. Is there anything else I can do to improve the performance or do I just need to invest into a new p.c? My current machine is a windows xp 2.8 GHz with intel pentium 4 processor (FSB 800) + 512MB DDR + 80BG.
      If I simply need a new more recent p.c, could you please advise me what I need to look out for when purchasing. I know little about computers!

      Thanks for your help people,
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