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      A little about me:

      I'm a 29 year old Laboratory Technician from Canada that recently finished working on a 1-year contract. I have been playing poker on and off for about 2 years but loved playing it as i love the strategies that are associated with poker (i used to play chess).

      My Journey:

      Started with a $50 bonus on party from Played $1 and $3 SNG's (Rake is so awful!!!), anyhow, i stuck to it and worked my way up to $180 in one year before transferring funds to Full Tilt.

      First 2 months, i was disheartened after losing 1/2 my BR and i was wondering what the heck i was doing wrong?

      After some intense soul searching, i figured out i was playing too tight and loosen up according, after which i saw immediate results (I started to hit alot more itm then before). After 2 years, I'm at $400 (took out $100 earlier in the year so down to $300) and was going to play $6 turbo SNG but then Full tilt got hit by the lawsuit. Had to withdraw all my money from Full tilt. Had a $2 Ring game ticket that i worked up to $27 (i won $15+1.5 ticket from a sat that i transfer to T$)

      Current BR on Full Tilt


      Here are my plans to try and make the most out of poker (The sky is the limit!!!)

      Make $2000/month profit (ultimate goal, so I can live off it without working)

      2011 Poker Goals:

      -Going to only play single table for now to improve my game/fix any leaks I have, also as to be able to read my opponents better

      -Make some money while playing full-time poker (going for 6-8 hour a day with breaks in between)

      -Reach $6 turbo SNG by the end of the year

      -Play 2-3 sat’s a week and hope to ship them to supplement my poker bankroll
      -Study and improve as often as possible in order to play better poker and make better decisions (win or lose)
      -Find 2$ (and higher) SNG turbo sweating partners on Skype

      I’ll probably have to play for about a week to find out how many games a day would be ideal for single table. Each game takes about 20-25 mins so maybe play 2 then take a 5 min rest before repeating the same thing?

      Non-poker goals

      -Go swimming daily (I feel smarter after swimming, :D )

      -Work out twice a week

      I hope you all get some inspiration out of this blog!!!

      WISH ME LUCK!!!

      Feel free to ask me any question as well as any comments/suggestions
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      Good luck!!!!!

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      I'm a 2.25 Turbo SNG regular and would be happy to do some sweat sessions. My name is Salivanth on Skype, so feel free to add me and we can work out a time.

      Good luck with the blog!
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      Not much of an update, but here goes:

      Full Tilt is down and my BR dropped down to $16 before i couldn't log in anymore.

      I'm currently playing with a second $50 BR that has kindly given to me, :D

      Software is crappy and i have to wait so long for a game to start. I'm used to playing $2 turbo SNG on ftp but now i'm playing $1 turbo or sup turbo or DON on William Hill. Had to deposit $100 just to save my BR which is now at a sad $11 (Total is now $111 cause i just deposit $100)

      Total BR $111

      Also the FDB is so hard to clear. I need 7000 points, :O

      I calculate that i need to play 20 games of $2 turbo SNG for 30 days to make 7000 points but theres no way i can do that, :(

      Any suggestions?

      I will probably deposit on stars once this month is up. Then i can play games much quicker and start playing more seriously, :)
    • ironmask92
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      Its been awhile since I updated but here it is.

      Got a new job as a laboratory technician.

      Switched over to playing from full tilt to titan (from the money i took out before black friday from full tilt).

      Started playing on Titan with $50 (i wanted to challenge myself to start from scratch). Started playing $2 turbo SNGs. Got lucky when Titan had that 50% off promo for $2, $5 and $10 SNG's for 3 days (only allowed to buy-in to 6 SNG's per limit).

      My bankroll went from $50 to $250 in 3 days, :o

      Doesn't get any better then that, :D

      Only had to win 2/6 games per limit to be profitable

      Went up to playing $5 turbo SNG's after that and my roll hovered around the $230 to $320 mark before i hit god mode for 1 day and my roll hit $520.

      Then all hell broke loose the week after and dropped back to around $400.

      Current bankroll is $417

      I'm hoping to have a big enough bankroll by the end of this year to play $10 games on titan ($550 bankroll needed for $10 games).
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      Remeber about bankroll managment