[NL2-NL10] AA - made hand on the flop

    • KillaKHAN
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      Ok so this is the hand:
      Titan Poker "TURBO" Inbal 0.10/0.20, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button LoseAndGain ($20.31)
      SB philipollas ($20.10)
      BB pepo967 ($23.45)
      UTG lizhiming ($19.59)
      UTG+1 Hero ($3.60)
      MP taurus1511 ($4.69)
      MP DerPilot ($14.38)
      MP 6fonti6 ($10)
      CO-1 Dreamtaker ($17.23)
      CO korkmazali ($19.04)

      Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with A:spade: A:heart:
      1 fold, Hero raises to 0.80, 4 folds, korkmazali calls 0.80, 2 folds, pepo967 calls 0.60.

      Flop (2.50) 3:diamond: 5:diamond: A:club:
      pepo967 checks, Hero bets 0.40, korkmazali calls 0.40, pepo967 calls 0.40.

      Turn (3.70) K:spade:
      pepo967 checks, Hero bets 1.20, korkmazali calls 1.20, 1 fold.

      River (6.10) 4:spade:
      Hero moves all-in for 1.20, korkmazali calls 1.20

      korkmazali shows 4:diamond: 4:club:
      Hero shows A:spade: A:heart:

      Hero wins 8.50 with Three of a kind, Ace's

      So here's the deal, it's a turbo table, but you still got quite enough time to think about the action.

      In retrospect I think I should've bet more on the flop since the pot was 2.50 (I think I should've raised around 1.25-1.75). I didn't want to chase them away with too big a bet but again, in retrospect the board was way to dangerous to slowplay trips, since there was a straight on the board (although highly unlikely) and a flush/straight draw on the board.

      I also think that it would be better to push on the turn and not bet 1.20$

      what do you think?
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    • pistike6
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      you should have bet more on flop and turn as you said it yourself...a bet around 80% of the pot to protect your hand
    • frzl
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      i push this without any reads. if i know that the guy behind me is a maniac i would think about a check/raise.
      it doesn´t make sence to bet 40 cent in a 2,50$ pot and if you bet 80% of the pot you will only have 80 cent left
    • pistike6
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      push it is
    • 098799
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      Such a small bet is probably always wrong.

      If you want to show aggression, you bet more.
      If you want to pretend a weaker hand and slowplay, you check/raise.

      I don't really think you should slowplay anything on NL20. It's too low to try some deceptive actions. In my opinion it's a push on the flop, cause your bankroll isn't really big enough to make simple continuation bet at 2/3 of the pot.
    • xylere
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      I wouldn`t check/raise on such extremely drawy board against unknown. Push flop.

      as played, push turn