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Delay on 3 different Platforms?

    • TeddyTaiwan
      Joined: 26.02.2011 Posts: 160
      Hi guys,

      these past couple of days Ive been experiencing huge delays and lag across 3 different poker platforms.

      I tested my internet speed and its around 10-12mbps.

      I'm not sure what is causing the problems is it my internet provider or my possibably with the poker rooms? It's killing my holidays = =

      Anyone have any ideas?
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    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      Hi Teddy

      The lag could be due to different things. It could be that you have more processes running than your PC can handle (A virus scan for example takes a lot of resources and could create lag for every other process. It could also be caused by some background download (update of some sort or others software download).

      Last it could be a coincidence and the 3 poker rooms might have been at a peak time and experiencing lag. Although unlikely as a poker player you know that unlikely things happen some times ;)

      I hope you get it sorted

      Best regards

    • TeddyTaiwan
      Joined: 26.02.2011 Posts: 160
      I don't know going to call up my internet provider tomorrow and give it to them pay heaps for internet and get THE worst service.

      prior to this problem i could multi table with about 4 or 5, with elephant open and internet browsers open and i never once disconnect.

      Now it's one table and in an hour I disconnected and had to boot up FTP twice...

      Hopefully ill get I can get it fixed.