Hello everybody

Few words about myself:

I'm Russian mid-high stakes short-midstack player. Here are my results for 2010: http://ru.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?postid=3651690#post3651690 (90000$ ev + 70000$ rakeback)
In 2010 I was playing mostly 3$/6$-25$/50$ 6max20-50bb tables on Pokerstars. I usually started with 20bb and played until there were fish at the table.

Pokerstrategy published two my videos about 2$/4$-3$/6$ 20bb CAP tables.

My conversational english is bad (even worse than typing lol) and I want to improve it. Speaking with a native speaker would be useful, so I offer free coaching for 0.25$/0.5$ - 0.5$/1$ (lower stakes would be too boring to talk about and higher stakes coaching is too valuable) players. Maybe I will ask you to point out most serious mistakes in my English during the coaching session.

Feel free to contact me via Skype 'laegoose' to discuss any details.

I hope this post doesn't violate Pokerstrategy rules about coaching advertising since I don't charge any money.