Hey all,

I built up my BR to over $500 from the starting capital + a couple free bankrolls from other sites. I'm playing a bit of everything (rush nl5, $1.10 tourneys, 1€/$2 sng) and turning a profit in all of them; soon I will withdraw $150 from one site and deposit it on FTP so that I'm rolled for higher stakes.

I'm considering the switch to MTTs only (I like the idea of low risks/high rewards) and I wanted to ask, when do you think it's worth to start getting coaching? On PS there are two coaches I could afford soon, at $30 and $50/hr.

I know there are many variables but, very roughly speaking, what do you think is a good BR to start getting coachings? I was thinking I might start with one 2 hours/week session for a total of $60/week once I reach $1000, and go from there. Or is that going to cripple my BR too much?