How do you estimate your pushing range?

    • KillerFishes
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      Hey I wanted to ask you, how do you estimate your pushing range?

      I'm playing more or less based on "feelings" and experience with ICM programs ...

      For calling range I'm doing this:

      1) what size in BBs the push is... here I use one of the Pzhon's tips ... for % chip odds / bb push
      2) I've somehow learned the risk premium for 5players and less ... So I can estimate RP quite accurate
      3) I just sum these two and think what range can my enemy shove => When I know equity I'm thinking about hands I can call with - I've made my own chart for this muhaha ^^

      However, when I want to estimate my pushing range, it's much harder... Ofc I'm somehow awared of Vandeweller's chart for pushing from SB on bubble but still, it's quite hard for me to estimate my pushing range.

      My existing way of estimating is this:
      0) I look at stats - whether he's tight or loose
      1) I check stacks and think how risk-averse my opponents are (FoldEquity)
      2) I count how much % does the pot make for my stack if the risk is worth
      3) My hand strenght

      Do you think there is some better way to make it quicker and more accurate pushing is my big problem I guess :) I think that sometimes I'm quite overplaying and on the other hand sometimes I don't push, when I should do so ...

      Thanks you all,

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    • pzhon
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      Here are some tips.


      :spade: ICM Trainer is a good tool for learning the Nash Equilibrium pushing ranges. Of course you should modify these to exploit your opponents.

      :spade: My Golden Rule (see my video on it) can be a helpful guideline. There are many SB pushes which are correct but not covered by the Golden Rule, but have a very clear reason if you fold a hand that is a Golden Rule push.

      :spade: Study how widely you can push from the button and CO as the chip leader versus with nearly equal stacks on the bubble.


      :diamond: Many players don't adjust their calling ranges much between a 5 bb call and a 10 bb call. This error means you might be able to push much wider for 5 bb than for 10 bb.

      :diamond: One key factor is your table image. If you push 3 times in a row, whether the first two were reasonable or not, the third time will get called much wider, so don't make as many semibluffs.