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[NL20-NL50] BSS NL20 FR AA against allin

    • Gungunhana
      Joined: 26.02.2007 Posts: 429
      His limp/call pf + reraise flop smelled of set but... should I fold AA in this spot?

      Titan Poker 0.10/0.20, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      Button Hero ($19.93)
      SB ($20.89)
      BB ($23.33)
      UTG ($20.68)
      UTG+1 ($18.30)
      MP1 ($4.00)
      MP2 ($17.75) Stats 27.15/ 6.53/ 1.96/ 24.16
      MP3 ($24.64)
      CO ($4.69)

      Hero A :club: A :spade:

      Preflop: , 4 folds,MP2 calls 0.20, 2 folds, Hero raises to 1.00, SB calls 0.90, 1 fold, MP2 calls 0.80.

      Flop (3.20) 2 :club: 5 :diamond: 6 :heart:

      SB checks, MP2 bets 1.40, Hero raises to 6.00, 1 fold, MP2moves all-in for 15.35, Hero calls 10.75.

      Turn (36.70) 7 :spade:

      River (36.70) T :spade:
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    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
    • Cojack123
      Joined: 28.08.2006 Posts: 1,569
      the stats look fishy.
      While af and wtsd are not good
      but reasonable -

      I call because i coached a friend who
      played nl20 at Titan. It was sh, but at this tables
      i saw some strange plays.

      Maybe you can find out something about the player
      if you compair your collected hands with his winnings.

      Like if he has 600 hands played but is breakeven
      or only an marginal looser, folding looks nice.

      If you only have less than 200 hands i go broke.

      But i will ask Thorsten
    • Thorsten77
      Joined: 28.05.2006 Posts: 12,896
      Typically FR is much tighter and more passive. The donk/reraise line looks very strong to me and I don't know what to do in this spot.
      However, I'd never be in this spot, as I call the flop and don't raise. What does he likely have? A pocket (overpair) or a set. I want to get value from pockets and keep the pot small vs. sets. Further, I don't need to protect much. So why not just call and induce bets from weaker hands?
    • Gungunhana
      Joined: 26.02.2007 Posts: 429
      @ Cojack123 I checked his stats- 720 hands total winnings (-$18.00)

      @Thorsten77 - I think that is a nice standard line, keep pot small on a dry board like that, because there are no weaker hands that would call a bet.

      By the way he called pf with 56s. As Cojack123, said, strange plays happen at Titan NL20...... :D