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      I'm 18 years old and i live in Israel. I have started playing poker with my friends playing 5-draw poker at our school playing for cigarettes ;) , i became familliar to Texas Holdem that year when some of the older guys wanted to use the fact that we didn't know the game very well and to make a profit on us... immidiatly i knew that from now on this is the game i'm gonna play... it was so much fun even though i lost about 2 packets the first session :D .

      Like most people that play online I started playing freerolls at varying poker sites until i saw the PS ad from the High Stakes Poker on Youtube.com, passed the quiz and started playing online... right now i'm a bit on the downside as my bankroll is 98.5$ after the 50$ from PS and the 50$ bonus already released... you can say I'm down 1.5$ :( , but it's ok, i'm just a student of the game now and i belive i get better every session now... started quite badly because i didn't really follow the SSS... played a little loose and tilted a while, but then when i saw that that didn't help me... i re-read the articles, watched some videos and followed the SSS when i played at the cash tables... since then i've experienced mostly good sessions, and i recommend to everyone who's losing right now to do so... the SSS is really A great way from new players to establish a bankroll while learning the game.

      I play the micro limits At FTP (0.05/0.10).

      In Israel, when you reach 18 you are drafted to the army so my time is due very soon, i hope it won't affect my poker ambitions and i will continue to work on my game during my serving time...

      i would like to use this opportunity to ask for people who wants to have sessions together... it think it's called sweat sessions o.O ... I will happily do so and i know i can help and get other's help on improving our game. i have ventrilo, teamspeak, icq, MSN, etc... most communication sofwares :D .

      thank you.


      can anyone tell me how the hell do i post hands?? can can't figure out the programs...
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