Super turbo sng on FTP?

    • Janosikgdy
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      What do you think about thoose sits? (300 chips, blinds 3min).
      I have played std sngs, however sng is something new to me.

      This turbo sngs looks better, becaue I can play few times more then a normal sits, con is that, sometimes it is like a lottery.

      What I am wondering is, if thoose sits are as much profitable as normal one, or maybe there is less ev there?
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    • pzhon
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      The achievable ROIs are lower. Serious players gain a lot in early levels of a regular SNG, sometimes enough to cover the rake. In a turbo SNG, serious players may not have paid for the rake by the time you get to the push/fold portion. In a super turbo, you start in the push/fold stage (although not all of your opponents will play push/fold), so you have to work off the entire rake while playing push/fold, which doesn't leave time to get a high ROI.

      Some players find that they get a higher $/hour playing super turbos, some prefer turbos, and some regular SNGs. There is no one right choice. You can use the ICM to analyze all 3, but you get different typical stack depths near the bubble. In a regular SNG, the average stack depth is often 20 bb near the bubble. In a turbo it is often closer to 10 bb. In a super turbo it is often closer to 5 bb.

      There is a lot of luck in all forms of poker. Suppose someone invited you to a really soft poker game with wealthy complete novices, while you have been studying poker for years. You would have a large advantage, right? The catch is that you will only be playing one hand. then you get dealt 75o in middle position, someone pushes all-in in front of you, and all your skill tells you to do is to fold. Super turbos are like that. Each individual tournament might seem to be mainly luck, but if you play thousands then your skill matters.