2nd in Players Only $500 Freeroll

    • pyure
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      Hey guys,

      Since I don't have anything to do today, I set an alarm to play the Players Only $500 first depositors freeroll last night (start time 4.30am !)

      Started ok, playing tight and picking up a few pots here and there, but the blinds quickly caught up with me and by the time we hit the money (20 out of 106) I was 19th in chips with 2500 and blind 300/600.

      First hand after the bubble burst I picked up A6s vs KJ and doubled up. Very next hand I doubled up again 88 vs JQ. Suddenly I've a 12k stack and I'm 4th in chips.

      The last hand before the final table I got it all in again with JJ vs ATs and doubled up a third time to go to the final table as the chip leader.

      Managed to play my way to heads up but lost with 55 vs A4s when he hit a flush on the turn...pretty sick I couldn't manage to ship it after my comeback, but $100 is pretty good for 2.5hours work :)
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