My attemp to breake the game

    • karl43
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      Hi Pokerstategy

      I am 45 years old from Denmark and this is my attempt to be winning player
      I will only play at 24hPoker and i am starting whit a bank roll at 200 Euro.
      i will be playing a mix of NLH and Omaha high
      I will updaste this blog once a week

      My bank roll plan will be conservativ and are like the folloring,

      Nl Hold"em 0,02-0,04 always allowed
      shots at 0,05-0,10 at bank roll 400
      Nl Hold"em 0,05-0,10 from bank roll at 500 Euro
      shots at 0,10-0,20 at bank roll 800
      Nl Hold"em 0,10-0,20 from bank roll at 1000 Euro

      Omaha 0,02-0,04 from bank roll at 400 Euro
      Omaha 0,05-0,10 from a bank roll at 800 Euro
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    • albionpro
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      Good Luck, hope you succeed, are you setting any volume targets or a bankroll size in X amount of months?
    • karl43
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      A good quistian Sir have given it some thoughts .

      I belive my volume will be a lot smaller than the avarege player that is due to my work situration and family , but as i see it this is a long time projekt , not doing this to be rich doing it to prove to my self that i can win over the game .

      My volume will be arround 5000 hands a mounth (hope i will be able to put in a little more )

      I hope and belive that i will be able to beat the game whit at least 15 bb pr 100 hands at the lovest stake , i am not sure if this is is realistisk but i hope that .

      Acording to my calculations then i will be able to move to the next level in about a half year and stat playing 0,05-0,10 arround x mas,

      wooooow this is way out in the future but i am determent to keep to my plan and stick to my bank roll plan