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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi TonyLea & Welcome to PokerStrategy.com, good to see you.

      Our staking area is just one of many benefits available to our members. Ensure that you make the most of our educational material, strategy guides, videos, free coaching sessions too.

      In terms of staking, it always pays to prove your ability at poker and build up your reputation in the community first before requesting a stake.
      I would highly recommend that you make best use of either PokerStrategy.com's free $50 offer or a deposit of your own funds first and work on fine-tuning your game via the educational material.

      Our members and hugely experienced coaches & hand-judges are always on hand to offer you advice and second opinions on your poker. The community is also a friendly and supportive place in which to socialise.

      Wishing you every sucess and enjoyment with your poker, best regards,

    • TonyLea
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      cheers for the info eagle
      i passed the test and have requested the 50 at william hill
      but i have been a long term player at party poker with good stats and this is where i am looking for backing/staking
      will leave it a while before i post my cv ;-)