william hill dont give 50 deposit ?

    • mongomob
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      All threads i see regarding this site seem to imply it stinks...
      i have never played there and wouldnt know, i find the software repulsive, and evrything about them shady, my only expirience with them is i referred a friend that passed quiz and validation chech, he chose WH as his site and never got his miney, anyone else have similar problem... ???
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    • IngridN
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      Hi mongomob,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback.

      I have to add thought that William Hill indeed gives free $50 to members who choose their first capital to be transferred there.

      In respect of our poker room partners, please try to speak from experience. They will be happy to receive your feedback, in case you would like to send an email to them you can use this address: support@williamhillpoker.com

      You need more information, let me know :)
    • charliebeth
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      I got my $50, I found customer service very helpful, I would say they are far from shady.
      I do find the software to be lumpy and sub standard tho.
    • Elroch
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      Got $50 after slight delay.

      Software is probably the worst I have seen. Eg, suppose you want to join a table and wait for the big blind. There is NO option that does this for you. What you have to do is this. Firstly, you get asked if you want to pay the big blind or wait for the big blind. So you pick "wait for the big blind". If you then check the "auto post blinds" option, what happens is that you will pay the big blind next move regardless of where you are at the table. So you have to leave that switched off and watch carefully for when you reach the actual big blind. When you do reach the big blind, there is NO audio alert. If you don't happen to notice it within a few seconds, you will be sitting out and have to wait another round (after sitting back in, saying you want to wait for the big blind, etc. Compare this ridiculous procedure to the procedure on all platforms written by sane people: you sit down and switch on the "autopost" and "wait for big blind" options. The question is whether the software was designed by idiots, or by people who had some reason to cause problems for users.

      It's worth noting that while playing on tables in currencies different to your account is possible, it costs you a very small amount of extra money every time money is transferred each way due to rounding always being to the customer's disadvantage. This can add up to a significant amount over a large number of transactions. Especially at the smallest stakes it is worth keeping the transaction count to the absolute minimum - small auto-topups should be avoided, as they waste money fast.