SSS AJ suited

    • enorman
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      I'm trying to follow short stack rules fairly closely, but I know that we can't just follow them like robots, either. I was playing .05/.10 No Limit Hold Em, and I was in the middle position right next to the late position. I got dealt AJ suited and couldn't resist so I limped in (even though SSS says to fold with AJ in middle position). Ended up with a flush draw on flop and then played it as a draw hand as if I'd made a preflop raise. Result was winning a $6.15 pot after going all-in with a $2 stack with a couple of opponents. Is this kind of deviation wise? I notice that your SSS starting hands chart does not differentiate between suited and unsuited hole cards, I figure the suited AJ justified a play even though I wasn't in position...
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    • Incog
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      If u want to play AJs on MP3, u might consider raising it, since u get fold equity and it will make ur play alot easier on the flop. If u get a reraise u know where u are, and a call might indicated a bigger Ace. kinda tough!
    • JovanS
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      Is this corect EV play and should he raise? Why is that there are no diference between suited and offsuited cards acording to SHC?
    • frzl
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      as always: if you are not sure: stick to the shc ^^

      personally i often raise AQs from utg+2 and AJs from mp3 but to limp it is just bullshit ;)