Hand range calculation

    • yinyun
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      If I ask equilab to calculate hand range with minimum equity of 38% against ranges 70% and 40% it gives range of 10%

      But if I insert that range to main window it gives 45%


      How come?
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    • HannesZ
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      You do not calculate a range which has 38% equity. You calculate every single hand which has 38% equity. The result as a range has then of course a better equity.

      So if you now would pick ie: 77, then the equity is above 38%. So it is with every single hand.

      I Hope you understand what I mean and what the program does.

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    • yinyun
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      Yes, I do understand. Thank you very much!

      I still need to find out what are the consequences of this truth. I play in 888poker Shot handed game where BB is 2c and Buy-in is 10c. Fold Equity is minimal there. Maybe i should use Starting hand Chart for SNG late stage. And if i have 40c switch to SSS?
      But I still wish to understand math behind those charts better.

      But you helped me much already!

    • kamachos
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      Great that the developers have added this amazing feature that I have only seen in Holdem Viewer so far. However, could you expand the range output and list the individual hand equities vs the range like it is in Holdem viewer. That way we can see the difference between the hands and the order they go into. The concise output is not as useful and would appreciate if this slight enhancement is suggested to the developers. It could simply be a + sign that will expand the individual equities in the output screen. Thanks in advance!