• insuldurx
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      Fucking poker room, sorry for the language.

      So stupid fraud room. Just took the starting capital and i started to play sng. I didn't won not a single hand. It gives me K K go all in, the other has 10 9, on flop 10 10 10!!!! Two hands after it gives me A A, the other has A 7, flop comes 7 7 7!!!
      Sat down on other Sng same story. I have 10 10, the other 9 9, all in both, flop 9 J 9!!! Few players go all in every single hand and make two pairs on flop every time. Its imposible. I'm very disapointed that i took the capital in this room. If it continues like this ill stop playing or terminate my account with Everest, it will stop me from being nervous and wasting my time there. Beter play on other room.
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    • IngridN
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      Hi insuldurx,

      I am sorry to read you having difficulties with Everest poker.

      I hope the bad luck will not continue and you'll find the poker room to give you a great experience with our free $50 starting capital.

      Let me know if we can be any help