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    • ancha666
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      I just saw you changed forum section "User news" to "Blogs" and I got an idea...

      It would be great if you would offer a real blog platform as is Wordpress (multi account version) - every member of pokerstrategy would then simply got special interface for adding posts to their blog.
      If there already is a good system for adding user's information about their carrer in this forum, why would you just bring out sth new? i'll give some motives:
      - easier to add pictures of stats or pictures/files of anything else (simple upload methods)
      - great interface for adding content and a lot of other interesting things
      - it's very tidy, posts are sorted by dates and comments would show after post so there would be no mass about which post is from author/player and which from commentator.
      - great improvement for pokerstrategy community - my opinion is that a lot of players would start to build their own blog, since there is some effort to open it somewhere else and hard to expect people will just find it.
      - you will be able to open new section on first page, "new blogs/posts", "popular blogs/posts" , "top rated blogs/posts".
      - every user would get special web address such as, or even :D
      - it would a be big step for promoting poker game worldwide, as well...

      Just my thought...

      The thing is...what do you think? :D
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