The Drunk Fish is Back

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      Waddup forum,long time no see.But now I am back.Some of you know me I was pretty active fish in the forum.I know the haters think that I was gone cuz I lost all my money and i quit poker :D .
      But the story is this:
      My pc broke down and I had like 300$ in ftp.I had like 200$ in bills to pay so after withdraw I left myslef 100$ to play poker but I had no pc...I was lil afraid to play live poker cuz of the edge that live poker players have on reading people.
      But I could not quit poker and I had to make some money anyway.
      I was born in a poor family so i hit he streets to hustle mb when I was 14 years old.I am use to not have tells and lie pretty good actually most of the time on the street I lied and bluffed like 91% of the time and the other 9% I just kept my mouth shut.After taking my background in to considaration I told to myslef "lol dude actualy u ar not such a big under dog in live games" so I tried.
      I lost my 50% of my bankroll(50$) in the first 1hour.Then i try with my last 50$ dollars on the next table on the same limit and I won all back so stand up with 10$+.I did not sleep all night thinking how to beat this guys,cuz they play there every night.
      I played one week every night and actualy won like 1200$ with my 100$ playn 0.50/1$ NLH .
      Now I drink my coffe infront of my new 17" sony vaio laptop and I am ultra happy that I will play online poker again.
      I learned two things for this expirience that I will like to share with you guys.
      1.Playn live is fun but you play pretty small amount of hands per hour and that makes me tilt.
      2.Bad beats...Well I won over 300$ pot with KK vs AA on a flop A K 5 rainbow(all-in on the flop drawing to the case King) and I hit K :club: on the RIVER for QUAD Kings :D .Now I know that this shit happens in real live so I am back to online poker and I am pretty sure I will tilt less after bad beats.

      I think my bast game is one table FR NLH SNG's.I play from 3$ to 12$ buy ins on 4 tables.My question is: PStars or 888?
      Can t play ftp cuz they closed my account after i deposit money with my VISA electron on a friends acc. and he had multy accounts so they closed bouth of our accounts.That made me mad
      so now I am through with FTP. :f_mad:

      Thank you fo reading my fish story and good luck to all of you !

      P.S. btw I quit drinking and now I am on herb medecine so I guess I am "the high fish" now :D .
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