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I dont know if this is the right place to post this

I am a winning turbo sit n go player.It is not my intention to stop this format because it offers steady income which is extremely good at this time for me


My favourite format is nl cash heads up.I can put two hours volume per day 6days a week.I would like to know if anyone could coach me and stake me to this level

Reason to stake me:

I am a very clever person who likes cash heads up like hell.I would do anything it takes to be a very good hu player.Imo nl50 is full of fish so there is so much profit there.I would offer an exceptional prize 70/30.The 70 part is for the coach/staker.I believe is the most good deal a can offer

The reason of 70/30 is because i like to learn cash hu like hell and i dont mind to share a big part of my profits to have this advantage

I really really interested for this.Thanks in advance

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