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Party Poker a little bit too tight lately?

    • BadeaCelRau
      Joined: 15.10.2010 Posts: 2,122
      I am playing MSS at NL10 FR and the tables with 20BBMin were my bread and butter. I wouldn't refuse any table but those were uncontested. There weren't many rival mss-ists, mostly guys who didn't have a clue on how to handle their stack so profit was easy (actually at my level of play, and how much I tilted it's a miracle that I was obtaining profit) but now they're gone, and that leaves only the full buyin tables.

      I haven't spotted many fishes lately, occasionally appears one but there are so many regular bssist that he doesn't last long. It's not uncommon to see 7 at a table and the other two playing 21/7 or 17/4 which is still tight and solid postflop. For example, today when I played there was only ONE table with Avg Players per flop > 30% (around 6pm eastern european time). I mostly give money to the rake, pushing chips around, sometimes my QQ hits their AA in late position, or their AK hits my KK etc with someone occasionally tilting and pushing a more marginal hand. It's mainly a fold war, with 3bet bluffs and occasional 4 bet bluff shoves and I feel like playing a much higher limit :( . I have many many hands with most of the regulars and a few notes to exploit some of them but that's it.

      Maybe you are asking yourself why did I write this thread. I did it because I think I might be seeing things and the situation isn't so bad, but from what I've seen (I'm attending most coachings at my limit) fulltilt is a bit easier and pokerstars is even easier. The problem is that party is smaller so there are fewer donators, on stars you can always find good tables. I think this environment from Party is close to Fulltilt Rush. From NL25 and above it's even worse, rarely do I see tables past 30% avg plrs per flop.

      Has anyone else noticed the same thing? I'm thinking of moving or maybe I'll switch to BSS SH, but that requires some time for adjustement and studying :/
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    • Reanimater
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 148
      According to what I have seen there are similar threads appearing in different Poker Room sub-forums here at So basically what you describe is something which other people mention from time to time as well (even though people play on different poker rooms).

      In general, there might be less people playing poker during Summer, I have no graphs to confirm this, but it is just a feeling that I believe to be quite right.

      Unfortunately, I cannot really give you the right advice at this moment, hope some more experienced members will do that for you.