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Rail subforum in Staking

    • L3ST
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 413

      I've seen on other staking forums they have a rail subforum. It would be good to have one for our staking subforum, benefiting both the stakee and the staker. Also, it could build up trust for future stakes for our curent stakees, since anyone wanting to stake would see a clean rail ( for example: "Today - 5 k hands, results, graph" "Today, x tournaments, id+bust hand + profit, total results ).

      Basicly it would be copying the feedback subforum in staking, but with threads for each stake.
      Posting there would be optional and totally up to the stakee, but I don't see why anyone with more than two stakers involved in a block wouldn't. Win-Win

      I for one would like to how previous stakes went before staking someone.

      Thanks for considering,
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    • stevegold87
      Joined: 18.06.2009 Posts: 2,640
      Hi L3ST,

      Sorry for the small delay for the answer!

      We are currently working on the staking forums and we will update the rules in the upcoming weeks and we are working on new ideas as well.

      We are taking any suggestions into consideration and of course a rail subforum would be a great idea.

      Thank you for your suggestion,
      Take care