I hope they serve beer in Hell

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      You see i am a professional Bartender.Love to work,especially in disco with loud misuc and a lot of happy drunk peoples :) I like to mix drinks,especially my own,but... when it comes to drinking my own mixed cocktails,i just can't :( . I feel like i am in love with :heart: :heart: heineken :heart: :heart:

      Hi i am new here and so far i really like Poker strategy.
      In first place when i started using Poker strategy i was hoping to hit some big money from your poker partners,but now... I started to think about hitting some big money with the TaF program,it's kinda better and more secure and you can't lose this way :) If you make some money,ok,If you don't still ok,but the only thing that really bothers me is

      "Do they serve Beer in Hell" :rolleyes:
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