Is anybody making a steady profit playing MSS on NL5 rush?

I just can't seem to make money at it and don't know how I can change my game to start making a profit. I've been following the chart exactly but its just not working.

My overpairs are getting beaten by sets, everytime I raise pre flop i get rereaised and have to fold, also people seem to keep check raise my cbets.
I am down 28dollars and desperately need to change something to stop me losing more money.

I've now starting using elephant to track my games but don't use the hud display yet (not sure if you can on rush). I can show my anaylsis on elepahnt but its only over the last 1500 hands if that any help?

Any advice on what I should do next. I'm tempted to move to standard fr games but would much rather stick with rush if I can make it work.