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    • Tancy80
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      Hello to all from Slovenia, my name is Tanja and im starting with my poker work. I have read a few articles, blogs and Phill Gordons, Little green book of Poker. Im begining my play on NL2 and hope to move up thrue the stakes. Gl to all and if you have any advice for a newbie girl, PLEASE, do it. So enough about me for the moment, and will talk to you soon.
      Now back to the books, videos and blogs. cya all
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    • purplefizz
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      hi tancy80,

      a warm welcome to the english community! :D im glad to see more girls joining us now. the more the merrier! nice to hear you've been studying. its a great way to improve. it's very possible to be moving up the stakes but you will need a great deal of patience and hard work especially in the micros. you must be ready for the bad beats which are inevitable too.

      if you have more questions, dont hesitate to ask.

    • Saka000
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      Cao Tanja...I am from Montenegro and,as you,start carier but 3months already playing and a quite bit i upgraded my skills thaks to PS =) =) =)
      I would love to share with you some talks at facebook,if you want ?